Jessica Kennedy graduated in May 2013 with a bachelor’s degree from UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Formally educated in journalistic writing, she has been writing personally and creatively for the last decade. She developed a fascination with photography at the age of 15 and has worked to preserve moments through a lens since then. Growing up in a politically-outspoken household led Jessica to take nearly every political journalism course offered at UNC, and she enjoyed learning about the relationship between politics and the media. She worked as a social media intern with The Charlotte Observer during the Democratic National Convention and then with journalism professors to analyze exit poll data and look at new voter registration records in North Carolina.

Passionate about journalism from a young age, Jessica took a job with the North Carolina Press Association and got the real scoop on community journalism in her home state. A love of the outdoors and a pull toward the mountains brought her to Yosemite National Park where she worked seasonally before lucking into the right job at the right time with Delaware North’s marketing department in Yosemite Valley.

Jessica has a passion for storytelling – through images, data, words or any combination of the three – and aims to combine these talents in a way that meets the needs of the world, no matter how large or small.


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